• Our VALUES
Diversity brought together As One in Christ. 

Imagine a place where people of diverse races,backgrounds, ages, and cultures coming together as one under a unifying cause. What better cause is there than the cause of following Jesus Christ? And what or who else could bring all these different people together truly as one family living, loving and leading together to change the world other than Jesus Christ? Rather than diversity being the cause of division and isolation, we want to unite together and show the world that in Christ, anyone can be unconditionally accepted and belong to the same community.

Make Jesus attractive to the dissed (Disconnected, disenchanted, disillusioned, disinterested, etc).

We will accomplish this by allowing Jesus to be accurately presented in our worship, real in our relationships, and helpful in our service to the community. Jesus is without a doubt the most fascinating, revolutionary, practical, and selfless – in other words, attractive – figure in the history of the world , and yet many churches have made Him out to be boring, irrelevant and out of touch with reality. This is borne out of practicing religion that has no bearing on personal lives rather than participating in a vital relationship that permeates every facet of life. We want to create an environment where people will experience God (encountering true Jesus), learn to have authentic relationships with one another (making Jesus real), and will serve the community (making Jesus helpful).

Biblical authority – The Bible is the final authority in all that we do.

Family priority – For our next generation to thrive, our families must come first. Lifestyle discipleship – Not a class or a program, but a lifestyle. Relational evangelism – As we go, where we are, we will be witnesses in word and deed. Authentic community – Genuine concern and care for one another. True friendships. Sacrificial service – Giving, serving, going, building for the underprivileged. Unconditional acceptance – Regardless of lifestyle and beliefs; non-judgmental. All of us are sinners. Ownership mindset – Rather than consumership mindset. Ask not what the church can do for you; ask…