Sometimes, what we ought to do becomes clear when we think about the alternative. 
A man commits adultery because he’s not happy with his marriage. He assumes that he will be happier with someone else. However, when he actually starts living with the other woman (not his wife), he will soon realize that she’s not really better. Had he thought deeply about whether the alternative would be better, he would not have divorced his wife in the first place… 
The Israelites failed to also consider the alternative. When they were at the threshold of the promised land, they got cold feet and started complaining. But when the Lord suggested to them the alternative, which was to continue to wander in the desert, they changed their mind and decided to go into the land. But by then, it was too late and they were routed by the inhabitants of the land. (Deut 1)
Think through the alternative before you make a major decision. 

  • If you left your spouse for someone else, would the new one be really better?
  • If you sever the friendship because you were really upset, would it serve you better?
  • If you left the church because of some people, would a new church not have similar problems? 
  • If you moved to a different state because you hate the rain, would you not hate something in that new state?
  • If you abandoned your faith, would living for yourself or the world bring you greater hope and joy? 

Stay where you are until God tells you to move.