Numbers 16:46,48– And Moses said to Aaron, “Take your censer, and put fire on it from off the altar and lay incense on it and carry it quickly to the congregation and make atonement for them, for wrath has gone out from the Lord; the plague has begun.”…48 And he stood between the dead and the living, and the plague was stopped. 

Spiritually what provokes us to be truly sacrificial for people is God’s love.  Whether that is familial love, or love for our brothers and sisters in Christ, or the world at large, sacrifice through worship is in direct opposition to self-preservation, which is a natural human instinct…(2 Corinthians 5:18-19)
Moses in his own fight of faith to trust God to be equipped to lead the people, learned from experience that conviction without purpose from God, caused him to murder a man.  Being regulated to herding sheep for 40 years on the backside of a mountain, gave him plenty of time to ruminate on passion without submission to God…(Acts 7:26-30)
It was these learning experiences for Moses that taught him contentment in God and His purpose, that enabled him to sacrificially love people who would resist love and counsel as God’s vessel.  Moses knowing all what God redeemed him from, reciprocated this love unto his own hurt and detriment of soul, because He saw God and His purpose, over his ego, others agenda and stubbornness. (Numbers 11:14-15, Psalm 15:1-4, Philippians 4:11)
This is why a vision of God and what He calls us to do, gives us the heart to endure, while in faith loving those who can’t see it.  Because without seeing how grave our soul is without God’s mercy in relationship, we won’t reciprocate the sacrifice it takes to mercifully “cover” others, because love covers a multitude of sins. (1 Peter 4:8)
Moses easily could’ve lived preserving himself, because God gave him the opportunity to do so.  But Moses was so focused on God’s glory and not his own, that he bypassed such an “honor” so God’s enemies wouldn’t say He failed in preserving Israel.  As a foreshadow of Jesus Christ, Moses emptied himself for the sake of people God gave him, to sacrificially serve for their good and God’s glory. (Numbers 14:12-19)
Challenge yourself whether you have “become dull” to how merciful God has been to send Christ in our place to stop the “plague” of bondage, death and hell?  A renewed heart to Jesus provokes sincere devotion, and a desire to sacrifice ourselves for others, even to our own hurt, as Christ did.(Philippians 2:8)-In His Love, Ld