One of the bloodiest battles of World War II was fought on Iwo Jima. It’s a tiny island southeast of Japan. The allies attacked it in hopes of securing land strips for their bombers in order to sack the mainland Japan. Over 50,000 young men died on that island on both sides. (The famous monument of the “raising of the flag” is at Arlington Cemetery which my family got to visit a few years ago…)
I’ve heard the testimonies of the soldiers who fought on that island. They have no idea why they survived and their peers died. In a blink of an eye, they would see their friends fall to the left and right, and they knew it would be their turn soon. And yet, here they were, years later, telling that story as old men. 
They were “passed” over. Death skipped them. And to their own admission, it had nothing to do with their training or skills. They had no idea why they were spared, but their friends were taken.  
When God’s Spirit was at the door of the Israelites living in Egypt, He passed over the houses with lamb’s blood on its doorpost. But where there was no blood, death found them. It had nothing to do with how the Israelites lived, whether they were trained or skill or morally good or evil. It had everything to do with whether they obeyed God and painted blood on their door or not. 
Eternal death will not pass over you because you are good. It will pass over you because you have the blood of Jesus on your forehead. 
What can wash away our sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.